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Precision Press Dies
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Precision Progressive Dies

Refer to dies that perform pressing for multiple functions and processes.
Workpieces are transferred with a material feeder into a die one after another with a pitch between processes for each press cycle. The workpieces are then transferred with materials connected to them and are automatically and consecutively processed.
Because many processes are performed with one die using this structure, precision progressive dies are difficult to design and process and expensive to manufacture. On the other hand, they can process workpieces rapidly and are suitable for mass-production.

Transfer Dies (for KTM/KTME)

Refer to multiple single-function dies arranged in a row in the process order for multiple functions and processes. Using a material feeder, workpieces are transferred to dies in a specific pitch for each press cycle and cut off. The cut-off workpieces alone are then transferred and automatically processed. Transferring workpieces from one process to another in a die requires a device or press machine that has a transfer mechanism. Because single-function dies are assembled in this structure, a transfer die is less difficult to design or process and less expensive to manufacture compared to a progressive die, but the processing speed is slower. The material yield is much better than that of a progressive die, making it possible to keep the production unit price lower. Because single-function dies are arranged in a row, a transfer die is suitable for elevated workpieces and for pressing where shapes change drastically, including the drawing of small-, medium-, and large-sized items.


IQL Dies (Die Set & Module)

An IQL transfer die system is a highly-standardized die manufacturing system consisting of an IQL presetter and an IQL transfer die (die set & module type).
IQL, which stands for Incline Quick Loading, adopts a die positioning/mounting system that uses inclination. It has exceptional positioning repeatability and highly reliable alignment for sheet processing dies.
IQL presetters and IQL transfer dies (die set & module type dies) enable consistent die manufacturing from trial production to mass-production, and contribute to shorter work times and lower manufacturing costs for transfer die manufacturing.