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Air Damper Assembly

In automotive parts, a glove compartment refers to a storage compartment with a cover located on the dashboard in front of the front passenger seat, used for storing a vehicle inspection certificate or other small items.

A damper is used as a component that slowly opens and closes the cover of glove compartments.

The photo shows air dumper assemblies that consist of injection-molded parts and springs.

Covers and Plates (Exterior Parts)

We manufacture medium-sized car parts, including license-plate brackets, headlamp brackets, cup holders, and dashboard camera covers.


Glove Compartment Locks

In automotive parts, glove compartment locks are used to open and close glove compartments, console boxes, dashboards, and trunks.

The photo shows the various components used for opening and closing such items.


We also produce small parts such as hooks for hanging baggage.