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Electronic Parts Dies

Even in electronics-related fields that support the modern industry, many products are made with our precision dies and incorporated into supply chains, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, LCD TVs, and medical devices.

We will quickly respond to the introduction of products related to the fifth generation mobile communication system (5G), which will see its full-scale rollout in the near future, and will manufacture high-quality dies that are even better.

Connector Dies

A connector is an electronic component that connects a wire to another wire or an electrical device and makes it electrically connected. It consists of a protruding male connector to be inserted into a device and a female connector that receives it. Using our connector dies, manufacturers worldwide produce connectors that meet the needs required for a wide variety of connectors for cars and electronic devices, such as higher product speed, higher quality, and electrical conditions that conform to the use environment.


IQL Dies (Die Set & Module)

An IQL transfer die system is a highly-standardized die manufacturing system consisting of an IQL presetter and an IQL transfer die (die set & module type).

IQL, which stands for Incline Quick Loading, adopts a die positioning/mounting system that uses inclination. It has exceptional positioning repeatability and highly reliable alignment for sheet processing dies.

IQL presetters and IQL transfer dies (die set & module type dies) enable consistent die manufacturing from trial production to mass-production, and contribute to shorter work times and lower manufacturing costs for transfer die manufacturing.