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IC Lead Frame Dies

An IC lead frame is a thin metal sheet that serves as the foundation of semiconductor packages for integrated circuits such as LSI, which are indispensable for advanced technology. The component supports and fixes semiconductor chips (IC chips) in place, is used for internal wiring, and acts as a connection terminal when mounting semiconductor packages on printed circuit boards.

An IC lead frame consists of a die pad that supports and fixes a semiconductor chip in place, an inner lead for internal wiring with the semiconductor chip, and an outer lead that serves as a connection terminal to external wiring.

Manufacturing IC lead frame dies requires sophisticated technology. With our fine-processing technology for manufacturing die parts, we can handle narrower tip spacing for inner leads in response to the shift to smaller semiconductor packages with multiple pins.

Our processing technology and know-how consistent from die manufacturing all the way to pressing have made it possible for us to produce IC lead frames.

Discrete Dies

A discrete semiconductor is a semiconductor that has a single function used for a single purpose, such as transistors, diodes, capacitors, thyristors, image sensors, and power modules (components of semiconductor products).

Even after the main role of semiconductors has shifted to semiconductor packages for integrated circuits such as LSI, discrete semiconductors are used for a wide range of purposes in electronic devices and play important roles.

In addition to semiconductor packages for integrated circuits such as LSI, we press and manufacture lead frame dies for discrete semiconductors, photocouplers, and LEDs.

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