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Plate / Jigs and Tools

Jigs and Tools refer to an instrument used to direct and guide the work positions of parts and tools by mounting it to a workpiece or machine tool when processing or assembling a workpiece. Jigs and Tools make it possible to rapidly mass-produce products with the same shape with minimum unevenness without using advanced techniques.

The pursuit of high precision and high quality without compromise, and the production of die parts using jigs and tools, are the foundation of dies that produce excellent products. This is where our manufacturing starts.

Blade Parts

As products become more sophisticated, more complex, and more diverse, the difficulty required for die making is increasing, and the precision required for parts that make up dies is becoming more stringent.

The parts of press dies are broadly grouped into blade parts, retaining parts, and auxiliary parts.
– Blade parts refer to punches and dies, which act directly on materials.
– Retaining parts refer to punch plates, die plates, and retainers, which fix blade parts in place.
– Auxiliary parts refer to strippers and pressure parts, which help blade parts function.