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IC Lead Frame Products

In the back-end processes of semiconductor manufacturing, a semiconductor chip is anchored in the die pad area of a lead frame manufactured using IC lead frame dies and discrete dies, and the chip and an inner lead is wire-bonded with an item such as a gold wire. Afterwards, the semiconductor chip is sealed with resin (sealer) to protect it from damage or impacts (molding).

A plastic-sealed lead frame is separated into each semiconductor with semiconductor manufacturing equipment including T/C & T/F systems, laser-stamped, and then arranged/packaged in trays and tubes.

Semiconductors are tested for abnormalities through humidity/voltage testing, electrical property testing, and appearance inspection, and then defective parts are removed.

We design, manufacture, and sell resin casting molds and T/C & T/F equipment and molds used in the back-end processes of semiconductor manufacturing, in addition to IC sockets for injection-molded products and contact pins for processed metal parts used in final inspections.

Narrow-pitch Molds

IC sockets are used in the final inspection in semiconductor manufacturing and are responsible for connecting devices and testers.

IC sockets are classified into bar-in sockets mainly for testing reliability such as durability, and test sockets for measuring electrical properties.

The photo shows an IC socket for a bar-in socket, with a narrow pitch of 0.4 to 0.5 mm for square (or round) holes.