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Dies and Molds Are Nothing Without Craftsmen

No matter how far technologies develop, the direct intuition of craftsmen is crucial in the world of dies and molds. Worldwide mass-produced products are supported by craftsmanship that cannot be expressed in numbers or words.

Most equipment for manufacturing dies and molds and processing machinery are very expensive, but no matter how expensive the equipment is, it alone cannot complete a product.

From the design stage all the way up to the finished product, every member of our team is an asset worth more than our stock price.

We are creating the future.

Precision Die/Mold Manufacturing

Many metal or plastic parts used for electric appliances, industrial products, and automobiles are produced with dies or molds. Dies and molds make it possible to mass produce and improve the QDC (Quality, Cost, Delivery) of these products in production. In addition, products of the same shape and quality are mass-produced in a wide range of fields.

A die or mold is a generic term for an object made of metal or other materials for obtaining the metal or plastic products by shaping or forming the materials depending on the nature of their flexibility and fluidity.

To use a car as an example, metal parts such as the body are manufactured by forming a metal plate using a press die, and the plastic parts such as the dashboard are made by injection-molding plastic materials.